Bonding between mother and child: Mommy, I want you close to me!

Bonding between mother and child

As we know, the stages during pregnancy and lactation are some of the most beautiful moments a mother can experience. But, have you ever wondered how meaningful it is for the child to be able to feed from his mother? From her essence, from herself. So many moms conceive that they’re not ready to be a mother. But when they feel the little one’s kicks in their wombs or how the baby is pleased after being fed, everything changes.

As we have mentioned before, breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful stages to create the bonding between mother and child and at the same time one of the hardest ones for a mother. But, let’s go back to the baby’s position, where he doesn’t see the “tough part”. On the other hand, he feels a great connection with his mother and at the same time it satisfies a primary need.

The closeness your baby needs

Closeness between a mother and her child is very important during childhood. Not only due to the so necessary bonding between mother and child but also because her presence. It soothes the baby and makes him feel confident and in complete calmness. Have you noticed what the reasons your baby cries are?


Four needs the mother can meet quickly.

Here is where we come in, with one of the products that we consider are super specials during this initial stage. The Modern Baby Carriers let you live the proximity you and your child need. In that way he can go with you anywhere. You’ll get to strengthen the bonding between mother and child being together at all times.

Aside from the bonding between mother and child you and your baby will also get to live in such a unique way. Now, “what can I do to hold him while I go to the supermarket or while I’m shopping?” This will no longer be a problem because he will be able to go with you anywhere. And it’ll be as equal as comfortable for you and your little one.

If you find yourself in the breastfeeding stage, you’ll have him close to you all the time. And your instinct (yes, the one we talked about before), will help you get ready to feed him whenever he requires it. It is said that babies even know their mothers’ heartbeats. So we don’t believe there exists anything more beautiful than the bonding between mother and child by spending a little more time being together.

A natural bonding

It is important for us to know the father son bonding is sometimes is a little more difficult. Why? Next, we’ll explain the reasons why this happens.

Let’s remember that your baby lived for 9 months inside the mother’s womb before being born, hearing from a very close distance her heartbeats making the bonding between mother and child strong. Feeding on what she ate. That’s why it is necessary to be in direct contact with your little one. It helps him feel safe and it helps him adapt little by little to the outside world.

Outer changes make the babies’ bodies adapt over the years. But for that to happen it is important to bring him some help. In this case, that bonding between mother and child lets the transition between worlds to be bearable. It might not be so warm out of the mother’s womb, so we have to help him adapt to the environment. Which is often covered with intense cold and high temperatures.

Communicate with your little one

Another important aspect during the lactation period is the communication that occurs in a natural way between a baby and his mother. We need to keep in mind that it’s a basic and inherent need, as well as essential. Not to mention the effect it has on the bonding between mother and child. New moms tend to take longer to adapt, but that happens all the time and whenever she is in constant proximity with him.

It is important to differentiate that even though father son bonding exists, this will not help meet a need the baby might have to solve by himself. But it is a way to understand what affects him. Or to just get to know what his needs are whenever he starts arising and how they can change over the years.

Modern Baby Carriers help you bond with your child

When you’re pregnant mom hormones (also known as “love hormones”) start forming a magical bonding between mother and child. Later on the bonding starts increasing when the birth takes place and the baby is in constant closeness with his mother.

A Baby Carrier lets this affectionate father son bonding be stronger every week. Since the heartbeats accompany him frequently turning into music for his ears, as it happened before when being in the mom's belly.

Another wonderful aspect is that we have three types of Baby Carriers. Two of them are the Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier One and Baby Bjorn Carrier One Air. They’re available in beautiful colors and are highly qualified to do the job. They avoid back pains because of its belt that lets you carry the weight in a comfortable way for you and the baby. Another one is the Stokke My Carrier Front Carrier that lets you hold the baby in all the possible positions for better comfort. And despite the movement he’ll be safe and comfortable. The Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier Miracle lets the weight of the baby to be among your waist, hip and shoulders according to what you need.

Fathers aren’t left behind during the initial stage of the baby

Even though a lot of people do not see it this way, a lot of fathers receive a great percentage of the love hormone when they see their babies for the first time. They feel strong emotions in the delivery room.

Getting a little scientific, there’s a chemical love hormone component called dopamine which is the well-being base and pleasurable feelings in the baby's brain, fulfilling an important role in the development of the father son bonding, increasing the desires of love, care and protection.

The love hormone is also present in adoptive parents towards their babies and vice versa. Showing that, in this case, the grounding is the strong connection the little one can feel with the people that surround him.

Other affective changes start happening progressively within the father son bonding achieving a strong rapport and connection. In this moment our Baby Carriers have again an important role, since they make possible the constant connection and they allow to share more hours than if you didn’t have them.

Recommendations for a strong bonding between mother and child

Close contact

Keep him near your chest while he’s naked, it helps regulate your baby’s body temperature, soothe him and create great bonding between mother and child During the breastfeeding period skin contact is very important. Age doesn't matter, it is a good way to calm him down and motivate him.

Always sleep near your baby

The most advisable thing to do is for your baby to sleep in the same room as his mother, it helps meet the nocturnal needs the baby might have.

Take your baby anywhere with you. Here we are again with our Baby Modern Carrier so you can do all your daily activities being always close to your little one. And making him feel you close to him to enhance the bonding between mother and child

The good thing about these suggestions on how to bond with your baby is that they can be put into practice by the mother and the father as well. Because he also needs to create this bonding.

So far there’s no manual on how to bond with your baby or how to be the best parent. It’s all about instinct, and it is something that only a mother and a son know. Since we are in a special date because we are celebrating love, we cannot miss one of the most special kinds of love, yours.

For babies heroines exist and they are called: Mom!

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