Decor Favorite: Eyelash Wall Decor

A baby’s room should be fun and whimsical and light. In Liapela stores we have all sorts of decor items to bring out the lighter side of having a baby like watching those first steps or first smile. Let’s forget even momentarily about changing diapers!

One of our new favorite decor items is a perfectly whimsical addition to baby’s bedroom. It’s the Eyelash Wall Decor that brings together the bedroom and acts as a sweet art piece for the wall. This can be great for first-time parents renting their home, who can’t paint baby’s bedroom.

The simple and light design means that it’ll fit right into baby’s modern nursery. It’s not too large but definitely stands out. Place right over baby’s crib or bassinet to signify the sleepytime area! We can’t wait for you to pick out this perfect addition to your baby’s bedroom. It’s really so simple and easy. Just add some double-sided tape and press onto the wall for a super simple installation. The eyelashes are even made of wood so parents can feel confident they are not putting harmful plastic materials in baby’s bedroom.

Check out Liapela stores today to pick out our favorite eyelash decor. We have plenty of different decor items for your beautiful and modern home!

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