Doona Car Seat and Accessories

We’re still in awe of the Doona Car Seat. It’s innovative, practical, and customizable for everyone’s tastes. Inside the car and outside the car, you can be sure Doona is providing baby with a smooth and safe ride.

The Doona Car Seat acts as both your car seat and stroller. And there are no attachments necessary. Just pull down the folded stroller wheels to start your journey outdoors. This is such an incredible feat by Doona! Not only will there be no more dragging around a heavy car seat, but having a car seat that doubles as a stroller frees up tons of space in your trunk. All it takes is one simple motion to free the wheels and start strolling.

The car seat can be used in the rear-facing position and features all of the necessary safety requirements. With PVC and BPA free fabric, you don’t have to worry about your child chewing on the soft fabric.This thick fabric padding keeps children and safe and comfy. The seat has side impact protection and a unique handlebar, which has its own anti-rebound protection.

At Liapela, our Doona Car Seat is available in Night Black, Storm Grey, Sweet Pink, and Dune Beige. With all those colors to choose from, we also have available many of the car seat stroller duo’s unique accessories. One of the downsides of the Doona Car Seat is that it comes with no added storage. We don’t expect it to. After all, where would you put it? But that doesn’t mean Doona hasn’t come up with a solution. The Snap on Storage and travel bag let moms be moms. We can’t expect moms not to come equipped with diapers, changing pad, bottle, etc. A sunshade and rain cover are also available to protect baby from all kinds of weather.

Check out your Liapela store today to get your Doona today!

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