Find the best crib for your newborn baby with a little help from Liapela

Welcome to Liapela. With an incredible variety of products, Liapela has just about anything and everything a parent could possibly want or need for their modern nursery. It’s our job and our pleasure to show you all the wonderful possibilities through the thousands of unique products we have on our website and in our brick and mortar stores.

Let’s begin with the item that will likely become your child’s nursery centerpiece: the baby crib. The place he or she will spend the first few years of their lives. The object that could (with the help of a few items) transform itself into the bed they’ll sleep on for the duration of their toddler years.

With so many options to choose from, choosing the correct crib for newborn baby can be daunting. And we know that as parents, you already have your hands full with either a little one running around your house or the preparations for said little one’s impending arrival. Therefore, we’ve rounded up a small collection of cool cribs that can fit into almost anyone’s taste, room décor, or budget. We want to give you as many alternatives as possible, so that once the decision has been made, your baby’s accommodations are as perfect as the tiny newborn in your arms. So let’s dive right in.

Classic Cribs

With a classic design, this is a collection of crib for newborn baby that will look picture perfect against any décor you’ve been thinking about ever since learning that you were going to have a newborn in your life. Smooth and sleek lines, all of these cribs have followed the highest safety standards. Most of these products have been on the market for a while now, and are baby and parent approved.

Within this range you can find a crib for newborn baby, so your little person can have a place to sleep and nap. If the nursery is a tiny room a crib for small spaces if you have a tiny apartment. And let's not a crib that turns into toddler bed with simple tools.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

Avant Garde Cribs

For the parent that wants something different for their baby. Not every crib was designed equally so these unique baby cribs do not look like the usual classical beds previously mentioned. These are the types of cribs that will stand out in your baby’s nursery. Show off your style with these beautiful and aesthetically pleasing cribs.

Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.

Unique Form Cribs

Besides acrylic and different colors, cribs can have other cool features, such as an interesting shapes to make them stand out. While we’ve already mentioned a few very interesting cribs such as the Gradient and the Pod, here are some other incredible cribs that hit it out of the park when it comes to style and shape. These are functional baby beds that: you can find a crib that fits through doorways. Or as the baby develops, your chosen crib that grows with baby will expand to accomodate your child.

At the end of the day, design is balance between form and function.

Evolving Cribs

Creating a nursery can take up a lot of time, space and money, hence why so many furniture companies have developed conversion kits to go along with their cribs, it gives their users one piece of furniture that can endure the test of time and grow with the child. So goodbye crib! Hello Toddler bed! Most cribs listed on this lineup have a conversion kit, but here are other marvelous options, in case none of the ones above have won your heart. A crib that becomes a bed is an amazing addition to your baby's space.