"Mommy: I'm afraid of the Dark."

Mommy: "I'm afraid of the Dark."

"Mommy: I'm afraid of the Dark."

Every night, those of us who are parents, have routines for our little ones before going to bed and a great percentage of our children have the same ritual that ends up with the same wish: “Mommy, don’t turn off the light, I’m afraid of the dark” which is such a common petition that we miss out the reasons why our little ones are afraid of the dark.

Have you ever wondered why? Take a sit and think of an important reason why your son is afraid of the dark. Maybe it goes beyond an innocent fear.

Fear is a natural emotion children and adults experience alike, it is OK to be afraid in some stages in our lives due to particular circumstances. It means that because of kids’ innocence, it is more acceptable for them to experience a certain degree of fear of the dark. Since it is just an emotion. We must learn to control it, we must learn how to defeat the fear of the dark.

In 3 to 8 year-old kids the fact that they’re afraid of the dark is much more common, experts state that the reasons to be afraid lies in:

    -Any story your kid has heard from friends at school, bigger brothers or while eavesdropping on the door listening to something not suitable for the kid’s age.
    -A movie your little one has seen on TV or the internet without your monitoring.
    -A bad experience that might have made such a great impact on him.
    -A new bedroom.

    Another one of the main reasons why our kid might be afraid of the dark is their imagination, and that's the moment when we as parents lose some kind of control.. Kids are capable of imagining wonderful things that we, as adults, are not capable of devising. Their thoughts are infinite, full of colors, shapes, games and dreams. If adults can be so creative, how far can my kid’s imagination go? We cannot compete with that but we can influence a little bit.

    Time to sleep!

    Solutions to ZzzZzzzzz

    The first thing we need to do is to instill confidence and safety in our kid, make him understand that darkness is not the same as solitude. To do that you can try to play with him while the light is off, hug, chat and make him feel confident in places where he cannot see perfectly clear. With actions, we can send the message: don’t be afraid of the dark.

    All kids need affection and understanding. Do not scold him because of him being afraid of the dark and make him feel like there’s nothing to be afraid of by showing him he’s safe, protected and loved.

    At Liapela.com we have some solutions that apart from being fun, will help your little one have a stronger sense of confidence by the time they are going to sleep alone and with dim light. To remind them there’s no need to be afraid of the dark.

    Bedtime Stories

    How about bedtime stories for sweet dreams?

    A great option for babies and little kids are bedtime stories from the Workman Indestructibles collection that gives honor to that name because they are capable of surviving bites, punches, scratches and more. You have varied options to choose from but in this opportunity we’ll show you 2 of these colorful and fun stories.

    Out of those bedtime stories we could consider Things that go! It’ll keep your child entertained with its colorful images and will deviate their focus from the dark.

    Baby Animals is a great option for babies that love animals, their colors, sizes and incredible characteristics. They wake up the kids’ curiosity, making sure by bed time it will give your little one nice thoughts, turning them into the perfect choice for bedtime stories.

    Teddy Bears to Help Baby Sleep

    What about a teddy bear to help baby sleep?

    We love them. In some cases as time passes by they become our kids’ best friends because they feel their company. There are adults that keep teddy bears with love and a lot of care even at their college stage. So, why not investing in your kid’s first best friend, a teddy bear to help baby sleep?

    At Liapela, you can find a wide selection of teddy bears to help baby sleep, but today we’ll talk about the always faithful partner: Bumbly Bear. It is the classic bear we all want to have. Its sandy color and divine texture makes it simply lovable. It is tough and fluffy with a long muzzle like the first teddy bears to help baby sleep. It is a classic bear, yet modern. It is the ideal one for our kids to hug at night; with its soft ears and a nose that looks like delicious chocolate. There’s no kid that can resist to love it. Bumbly was approved by the ASTM requirements, that’s why it is perfect to use form birth!

    Fun Kids Night Light

    Fun kids night lights.

    All kids feel safe in their rooms if you leave a light on that does not mess up with your little one’s dreams but that gives them the feeling of safety just by having a little light on nearby.

    Lamps are some of the customers’ favorite products, we have different options in kids night lights for them to choose from. However, the Zzzoolight Lamp melts us with tenderness. Its shape and light is so warm that will look after your kids’ dreams. They’re white lamps of different animal shapes with a polypropylene screen. It’s impossible to break and it’s long lasting, especial for kids. It does not get warm and it is a safe lamp for your home.

    A Little Lovely Company Mini Cloud Light Night Lamp is a beautiful design for your baby’s room. It is modern, sweet and perfect to illuminate his personal space. Let your kids play in a cloud of trust and tranquility by bedtime. This kids night light is designed not to disrupt his sweet dreams, but to have a soft beam of light inside the bedroom that will bring him the necessary peace to sleep. Once your babies grow older, this beautiful kids night light becomes more useful because you can easily move it and use it to go to the restroom if it’s necessary. You can also take it with you to any other part of the house, and you will have stopped imaginary monsters from interrupting your kids’ dream.

    Your kid needs to get some rest for his positive development, use the ideal tools for his sleep to be pleasant, healthy and without any kind of interruption. At Liapela we look after the entire well-being of your children, and for that reason we believe that with these three tools the whole family’s dreams will not be interrupted.

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