Nuna Aace: a top of the line booster chair

We know what you’re thinking. That’s a booster seat? We can hardly believe it either. The Nuna Aace is a booster seat that looks like a simplified car seat. We love this modern take that not only provides your child with more comfort and support, but also looks great in your car. It grows with your child in ways you wouldn’t believe.

The biggest feature Nuna is boasting about with this booster seat is its 3D growth system. The seat grows up, grows out, and grows on. Really watch this seat grow as you experiment with the right size for your son or daughter. Grow up: with just one hand you can adjust the headrest to nine different heights. Grow out: while the head rest is moving up, the sides are moving out to give your growing child more room and comfort in the seat. Grow on: the seat has three depths that work to make baby comfortable and have lots of leg room.

The entire back of the seat can also be removed to create your typical booster seat. Keep in mind that the seat has great safety features for a booster seat though! Pods of side impact protection and energy absorbing foam would keep baby safe in the unlikely case of a crash. Other safety features include the easy anchorage system to the car, belt positioner, and colored belt path.

Check out the Nuna Aace in Liapela stores today!

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