Create the perfect newborn shopping list with Liapela. Everything you'll need for the most exciting arrival

Remember that one time you went to an amusement park? You were in awe of the big attractions and excited to ride every single one of them. You had fun on the bumper cars and you got wet on the water rides. Then you stumbled upon the big roller coaster. The kind that makes your heart skip a beat, and it makes you question whether or not it was a good idea to actually go on it.

In a somewhat similar way, having a baby and riding a roller coaster are a lot alike -- you don’t really know what you’re about to get into. There’s no manual to guide you through it. At some point you might even think the experience is too much for you. But then you go into a calmer part of the ride, and you continue to enjoy it for what it is. At times, you might consider the baby experience overwhelming, but it’s the little moments with your baby that matter the most.

So buckle up, because we’re here to guide you through your baby roller coaster ride. If you just learned that you’re about to become a parent, Liapela is here to help you in any way, shape or form. As parents, we understand what the arrival of the little one means to your life. Although we cannot deny the shift that your life and routine are about to experience, we can assure you, the best is yet to come. With the help of our newborn shopping list  and certain products, we are confident the adventure you’re about to embark on will end up with the biggest smile plastered on your face.

Here’s the thing, we realized that the number of different baby product choices can be completely overwhelming , especially trying to navigate the great number of baby aisles in big-box stores or on the gazzillion websites. Everyone’s idea of what a newborn essential list should include can vary. If you’re lucky, you and your baby will receive a great number of gifts included in your baby shopping list and that will help you cross a few items off.

Nevertheless, and thanks to the experience we’ve acquired being in the baby products realm for the past ten years, Liapela wants to offer you a small list of items that cannot be missed from your newborn essential list. Here are some of the outstanding products that will be sorely missed if you are unaware of their existence.

As you know, newborns are small, and they don’t weigh much.

At first

But even when the smallest children are feather light, the dad, mom and the rest of the family’s arms will grow tired after a few minutes. If you want to show off your little one to relatives and friends, there are two particular items that cannot be missing from your car or your trunk: a car seat and a stroller. So take a look at how you can continue to move around town or travel across other locations.

Nuna Car Seat Newborn Shopping List Newborn Essential List Baby Shopping list

Safety first when it comes to your car

When it comes to your baby shopping list and what should be on it, a car seat is the most important accessory to mommy or daddy’s set of wheels. Given the different security regulations, some children could be using some sort of car seat until the age of 12. With the different number of car seats it can be a bit overwhelming. We’ll break it down for you, so you can have a clearer view of the different categories available for you.

Most children should ride in their parents’ car rear facing from the moment they’re born until they’re at least two years old. This is where all the infant car seats come into play. Pretty much all infant car seats were designed with bases. For a new parent just entering the world of car seats a base will quickly become their best friend.

After they’ve outgrown the infant car seat, most children will have to use a new kind of car seat, until at least they’ve passed the preschooler stage. These will keep your baby’s back straightened, and they’ll love the different colors and designs available.

Now, your not so little one is in school. They’re taller but a seat belt is still too big for them. That’s when they’ll need a booster car seat to give them the necessary height and protection they need while still riding in the back of your car.

If you want to take a look at our picks for the best car seats (in every category) just check our slider in the center of our post.

Nuna Car Seat Newborn Shopping List Newborn Essential List Baby Shopping list

Keep on moving with the perfect stroller

Strollers quickly become a parent’s best friend, as they navigate the aisles of a shopping mall, a supermarket, or most walking places. As with the many other objects in the newborn shopping list we are creating, strollers should adapt to every parent’s necessity.

So take a look at your house, your city, your needs and ask yourself:

-What do you need?

Let’s start with you, as a person: try to imagine yourself three months after the baby’s been born.

Picture this: the baby’s riding right behind you in their car seat. You’ve arrived at your destination and now it’s time to move the little one from the car seat to the stroller. So now that you have that picture in your head, ask yourself, what does that person need or want?

Depending on your choice of stroller and car seat, in some cases and with the help of an adaptor, you’re a click away from having the baby on the stroller. Other times, you will have to get the baby out of the car seat and into the stroller.

So after you’ve pictured it, think to yourself, what do you value the most? Strollers come in all different sizes and styles. What’s more the most well-known brands on the market have created all the necessary accessories to customize your stroller or extend the life of it.

Years as parents have shown us that a stroller most likely will stay by family’s side for years to come. If you’re having your first child, think about how many children you’d like to have.

Are you and your partner considering a possible family expansion?

If so, there are some strollers that with the correct adaptor can transform into a double or even a triple stroller: a gliding board for the eldest sibling to ride on as mommy or daddy pushes the stroller around (pretty cool, uh?)

-What would be most suitable for your lifestyle?

Changes with a new baby are bound to happen. But while you’re dealing with changing nappies and lack of sleep, we’d like you to maintain your lifestyle as much as possible.

Do you love the outdoors and rougher terrains? We have strollers that can go with you anywhere.

Are you a traveling parent who wants to show your little one the world and its wonders? Some pushchairs are so tiny they can go into the plane as your carry on bag.

A parent about to expand the family with a second baby? Strollers for toddlers and infants are at your disposal.

Our picks for the best stroller in every category is right here for you.

Parent’s necessities

Babies are small, but that doesn’t mean their requirements are equal to their size.

After just a couple of months with the little one, most parents understand that leaving the house with a newborn (or even an infant) can be quite challenging. You’ll need a change of clothes, plenty of diapers, wipes and an assortment of bottles, in the case your baby uses formula.

And here’s where the adequate diaper bag can make all the difference in the world. Looking modern and sharp while keeping your baby’s supplies on hand is easier.

And as times have changed, so have our bags. The best brands have understood parents don’t want to walk around with a bag with tiny animals and cartoons printed all over them. Nowadays stylish parents can also find more sophisticated bags that are full of pockets you can fill with anything your little angel could possibly need. Some of them can even keep the temperature of the food thanks to the materials in them.

Baby Bouncer Seat Newborn Shopping List Newborn Essential List Baby Shopping list

Staying at home

You go around town and you show off your newborn to your family and friends. They will fight to carry him or her and pamper and cuddle with the little one. You look at your offspring and marvel in the wonder of your creation.

Then you get home and you’re alone with a newborn that requires 24/7 attention.

So how do you keep your baby happy and calm while maintaining a close eye on your chores and other activities? That’s where a seat (fit for a baby) will come in handy. There are a couple of options when it comes to where you can place the little one.

First a bassinet: this portable crib can go with you anywhere you’d like to place the baby. They can nap as you continue your work around the house. Or you simply let them sleep by your bed side as you get some much needed rest.

Given that babies cannot sit until they’re at least six months old, bassinets are very user friendly and parents love having a place for the baby that is not within the crib or the nursery and that can be easily move from room to room.

Second alternative: a baby bouncer seat. This will be your baby’s first seat. A place for them to rest and enjoy life by your side. Using the latest technology, brands have created seats that have music or soothing motions to keep the little one happy on their seat. The different colors and materials can match any room décor and most parents’ desires.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the items in your baby shopping list  that your little angel is going to need. A perfect blend between design and functionality every product on our list is a different way to make your life easier once your mini me is in your arms. Since the ride on the baby coaster is about to start let this lasting adventure create the greatest memories of your life. Liapela can be there every step of the ride.