Types of Cribs: How to Buy a Baby Crib

Types of Cribs: How to Buy a Baby Crib Typs of Cribs: How to Buy Baby Cribs

Becoming a parent is one of the most life changing events you’ll ever go through. There are so many new things you don’t know how to deal with. But don’t worry, together we’ll sort this out!

A very important thing to think about when it comes to your new baby and your nursery is selecting the right crib, travel bed or bassinet. Your baby’s sleep is extremely important for his or her development. They tend to spend over 19 hours in their cradle, don’t you think we should select the best one for them?

On the other hand, as parents we need to make sure we opt for the types of cribs that suit our needs. Cradles that make everything easier such as having the perfect height for us not to hurt our backs when putting the baby in it or getting the baby out. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of cribs, travel beds and bassinets. Also, let’s take a look at what we have to pay attention to whenever we want to buy a baby crib

Standard Crib

These types of cribs are pretty common, especially because they tend to be the cheapest cradles you’re gonna find. Their main purpose is to serve as a place for your little one to sleep comfortably. Since they are well-constructed you can feel confident with leaving your baby inside these cradles. At the same time, the type of construction makes them sturdy and long-lasting.  

One of our suggestions can be the Hiya Crib by Spot On Square because it complies with all the characteristics previously mentioned. It is completely safe for your bundle of joy not only because of the way it was built, but also because they use low VOC non-toxic paints to give it that chic touch.

Hiya Crib by Spot On Square Hiya Crib by Spot on Square


They’re more movable than standard cribs, let’s check out why.  They may not be as sturdy as the standard cradles but you can be sure your baby will be safe in it. No matter whether he's taking a nap or sleeping, the types of cribs we’re about to mention are a great choice. Bassinets are loved by some parents because you can just fold and move them around the house.  

A great option for you to consider when you’re about to buy a baby crib could be the Baby Bjorn White Cradle.  It is easy to move around the house, letting your little one be in the same room as you are for you to keep a close eye on him or her. Just with the movement of your hand or foot you can rock it. That'd give your baby that relaxing soothing motion.

BabyBjorn White Cradle BabyBjorn White Cradle

Convertible Cribs

Most cribs are usually useful during the first 24 months of life of the baby, until they start growing up. The great thing about convertible cribs is that whenever that happens you can turn them into a daybed, toddler bed and in some cases even a full-size bed. We can just say these types of cribs grow with your little one. Another great plus is that you can find the convertible cribs in a wide variety of colors and styles.

If you're looking for a convertible crib the Babyletto Mercer 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit is an alternative. It offers a fresh space for your baby to spend time in because of its design. Another plus is that it has a hidden drawer to store whatever you need to be at hand. Do you want more? Well, you can decide whether you want it in a single color or two toned finish.

Babyletto Mercer 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit Babyletto Mercer 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit

Portable Cribs

These types of cribs are perfect to move around. People usually believe that they are the same as the travel cribs, which is not true. For these kind of cribs the materials commonly used are hard, such as wood. Since they can be folded (in such an easy way) you can take them from one place to another without much hassle. It'll let you stay away from getting a baby monitor.

The Babyletto Origami Mini Crib is a great choice when you’re about to buy a baby crib. It is small, so it doesn’t take much space from the room. The all-wood slat used makes it lightweight and the rolling feet definitely make it perfect to maneuver!

Babyletto Origami Mini Crib Babyletto Origami Mini Crib

Travel Cribs

They are usually made of lightweight materials to make them perfect to travel. Travel cribs don’t comply to sturdy crib standards, they are meant to be moved around. The design of these types of cribs makes them perfect to assemble when you’re ready to use them. Done with it? Break it down when it’s time to store away. Carrying it with you will not be a problem!

A great choice from our selection of travel cribs can be the Nuna Sena Air Breeze because of various reasons. It’s not only perfect to take with you because of its lightness, but you can also be sure that its freshness will make your baby feel so comfortable he or she will not want to get out of it! And don’t worry about safety, your baby will be completely safe.

Nuna Sena Air BreezeNuna Sena Aire Breeze

As you can see there are plenty of options for you and your little one. Whenever you are going to buy a baby crib what you need to pay attention to is the use you want to give it and to make sure it is as safe and comfortable as a crib can be. At Liapela we are here to help you navigate these tough decisions. Stay tuned for more great advice.!

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