What Is and How to Start a Baby Registry Checklist

What Is and How to Start a Baby Registry Checklist

Whenever we think of a new family member we think of everything we'll need to take care of him or her. So, shopping for those things might sound like a cumbersome process. Not only because of the wide variety of brands you'll find out there but also because of the actual process of visiting stores looking for the things you think or you're almost sure you’ll need. And when it comes to the first child we could easily feel overwhelmed because of not knowing where to start.

Liapela brings you an option, which works wonders. You can even implement this idea for your baby shower to get what you need and not to be running around when the time comes. We're talking about a baby registry checklist that can be easily created at Liapela Modern Baby.

What’s a Baby Registry List?

First of, let's start with what a baby registry is. It's nothing more than a gift wishlist for you and your baby. Within said baby registry checklist you can include everything you and your baby will need and have family and friends get them for you. Everything’s so easy with a baby registry! You might be thinking: how does it work? Before we get there we’ll give you some tips on how to prepare yourself for that listing.

Baby Registry List Tips

So, our first step will be doing some research to make sure we are aware of the things we’ll need. You’ll find so many things that are new to you! Regardless of this being your first child or not. Picture yourself going into a store, taking a look around and recognizing about 20% of the objects there, scary right? Of course you could always ask the salesperson what those things are, but how tiring do you think it’d be for the both of you?

On the other hand, you’ll find so many brands! Some well-known and some others that are still good and might be ideal for you, but have no idea of. So, to avoid this and make sure you include the right items in your baby registry checklist it’s best for you to be aware of what you really need. Luckily, we have the internet to help us with that!

What to include or not in my list? We’ve done our research by now, but we’re still not sure of what to include. Keep in mind that a baby registry list is for your family and friends to help you through the process of getting the things you and your baby will need. Make sure the first items included are those that you REALLY are going to need. But there are other things that you could get by yourself, so make sure you think it through.

Do not be afraid or ashamed of including very small and inexpensive things such as bibs or blankets, not everybody will be willing or able to spend much money either. But that doesn’t mean that including something like a rocker or glider or a crib in your baby registry checklist is out of the question. That’ll give your family and friends the opportunity to get you whatever they want and can, also they can chip in if they’d like to.

Think of long-term situations. Babies grow, and surprisingly fast so do not stay with products they’ll use just for the first months. The onesies they wore when they were 2 months old will not fit by the time they reach the 6 months, so you need to think ahead and prevent finding yourself with very small clothing, nothing your baby couldn’t wear any longer. What about when they start seating by themselves and it’s time for them to join you at the table? A high chair will definitely be needed! You’ll also find tons of brands and types of high chairs, make sure to look into it and choose the right fit.

Thinking outside the box is really important here, so make sure you take your time to prepare this baby registry list, and to help you be more aware of what you really need we offer you this checklist so you download it, print it out and start shopping!

You now have thought of everything for your baby, what about you? You deserve some presents too, right? So you can include some creams and balms to care for your skin or a beautiful journal to keep a record of every little thing in your baby’s life (and yours of course); you can get more ideas of what to include from our selection for mom and if you want to know a little more about why creating a baby registry you can check them out here.

Now that you have these tips we can continue with how to create a baby registry checklist at Liapela Modern Baby. First of all you need to sign up at Liapela.com using your email, first name, last name and a password. Once you have entered the data and clicked create, you’ll receive a confirmation email to activate your account; you’ll be asked to type your password again so you can complete the next step.

How to Start a Baby Registry List at Liapela Modern Baby

As soon as you’re logged in you can start creating your baby registry list. Go to the Baby Registry button and enter the information required. The first thing you need to add is a title, which can be basically anything you’d like, so let your imagination let loose! Then you need to enter the date of the event, a message for your family and friends, and an image.

After that you’ll need to add the title of the person creating the baby registry checklist and if there’s somebody else helping you with the baby registry you’ll need to add the info on the co-registrant information side. If you want to keep anybody but your family and friends from accessing your baby registry you can enable a password. So, how do your family and friends access? You’ll have to provide them with said password.

To finish the process you have to include your address, ZIP code, phone numbers, verify your email, and shipping information. After that just click create my registry and your good to go! You can now start browsing the web and adding product to your list.

How do you add the products to your list? You just need to select the product, and click the add to registry button and you’ll see it in the baby registry list. To invite people to take a look at your registry, you can go to the share page and copy the link of the registry or just click on the button of the social media you want to share it to (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, etc.); or you can just review the registry information by clicking on profile. 

If you want to show your friends and family how to buy using our baby registry here's a video on how to do so:

Creating a baby registry checklist can be a nurturing process as well as enjoyable if done with enough time. Just go through the steps and you'll find it can also be fun! At Liapela Modern Baby we're always thinking about making parenting simple yet stylish.

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