Why do babies cry and how to soothe them

Why do babies cry and how to soothe them

As parents we understand that having a baby is one of the best experiences in life. But we can also say it is complex at times. That new little one makes our lives full of happiness and moments we never imagined. Whether it is because of how amazed they can be with this new world or because of how touched and moved we are due to their amazement.

A new baby can cry for so many things! Considering the fact that they are new to this world. There are a lot of new things babies need to adapt to: the temperature, the environment, feeling far away from mom even though she is in the next room. It is important to understand why do babies cry and how to deal with whatever that’s making them feel that way.

Since they cannot talk yet, crying is your baby’s way to communicate, so try not to panic or get frustrated whenever your bundle of joy starts weeping. They are just trying to express something. It could mean they’re hungry, they need to be held, they’re hot or cold. The challenge comes when you have to read why do babies cry so you understand that thing they’re trying to let you know. Sounds tough, right? It might be, however time will make you understand him.

Let’s talk a little about some of the reasons why do babies cry and how to stop a baby from crying.

Is your baby hungry?

This is something we must check whenever our baby’s crying. Remember babies are not able to say: mom, I’m hungry (it would be great, though). But a way to make you aware of his need is by simply crying. There are some common movements children make to let you know about the situation. With time you’ll learn how to read them.

However, it is noteworthy to mention that some of the most common movements to express hunger can be putting their hands in their mouths or rooting (the reflex of turning their heads toward your hand when you touch his cheek). So, how to make a baby stop crying is the query. Well, remember their stomachs are small, so they need to be fed often.

Is it a gas?

You made sure hunger is not the reason why your baby is crying. But he stills cries and quite a lot for a long time. Making you feel perhaps a little frustrated and making you think on how to stop a baby from crying. Some babies can show from the very first moment that they are colicky, some others do not. If you find yourself in that situation what you need to do is to get rid of anything that might bother his tummy, perhaps pants with a rubber band in the area.

What to do next? Consider holding your baby and patting him on the back so a possible burp comes out. If that doesn’t seem to work, another possible solution on how to make a baby stop crying might be rubbing the little one’s belly clockwise with some baby oil. Also, you can move your baby’s legs in a bicycling motion to help him get rid off any possible gas and help him stimulate his intestines.

Maybe he's cold

We already mentioned at the beginning of this blog that since our babies are new to this world they need to adjust to the temperature. Inside the womb they were warm, having the mother’s body control the temperature. Which is why the first thing they might want out here is to be warm again.

Now, it is time for them to learn how to deal with it. But how to make a baby stop crying because of this? They’re new to this world, so they need our help. You can use blankets or even swaddles to keep them bundled up, and at the same time warm.

Mommy, Hold me

For babies it is important to be in touch with parents. That’s why during the first months of his life being held is a real need and can become one of the reasons of why do babies cry. Cuddling allows them to feel safe, warm. They need to see your face, feel your breathing and heartbeats. Make that bonding time special.

Worried about having a spoiled baby? There’s no way that’ll happen if you keep him that close to you during the first months. Sometimes you’ll need to get some rest, but the question is how to make a baby stop crying if that makes him feel like going there. There are options for you to still be close to your baby without holding him in your arms such as baby carriers.

Nappy change time!

Imagine you would have to wear a diaper and it would be dirty. Uncomfortable, right? So, you might want to consider this as important as the rest of the reasons previously mentioned. Now, let’s talk about how to stop a baby from crying

At first you might think that’s not a real reason why do babies cry because your baby is usually at ease with a dirty diaper. But when it comes to having it like that for a while, he may start feeling distressed because of irritated skin and that’s when he would start showing his discomfort.

Purple Crying

Babies go through a lot of very important periods. But the one we want to make you aware of is the Purple Period. During that moment nothing you do seems to help while trying to find a way on how to make your baby stop crying. It’s important for you to keep calm.

You just need to understand that this is a very normal stage in you baby’s life, and a very common reason why do babies cry. Even though they look like they’re in pain, they just have the need to cry. Most babies go through this, you just need to make sure all the aforementioned needs were met and that your baby is really healthy.

These are some of the reasons why do babies cry. Keep in mind that time will make you understand whatever he’s trying to say with the way he cries or his movements.

As you can read, crying does not necessarily mean that there’s something wrong with your little one, it’s just a way for him to communicate something. However, it’s important to understand our little one so we understand when a doctor is necessary. Having your baby cry is part of the whole process, just try to understand why do babies cry and learn how to cope with it.

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