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Your baby’s comfort is important at all times and since baby blankets are so useful, they need to be chosen wisely. A baby swaddle can be used for so many things: for snuggling, for the playroom, to cover your little one while taking naps in the stroller or even in the car! That means that you’ll probably want to have more some muslin swaddle blankets.

In this collection you have baby blankets with different colors and patterns to match with the rest of your nursery or your style. Whether you’re after muslin swaddle blankets made of silky rayon from bamboo, not only offering the breathability and softness it should have, or a baby swaddle that can withstand countless washes!

A baby swaddle is meant to help your baby feel safe and comfortable now that he’s out of the womb. You can be confident that when wrapping your baby in any of the baby blankets found in this collection you’ll be providing your bundle of joy with blissful peace.