1920's Vintage Airplane Flight Mobile

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The1920's Era Flight Mobile Airplanes are handcrafted planes modeled after some of the most legendary and iconic throughout history.This mobile makes the perfect gift for all ages and will stand the test of time when hungin a den, child's room or any area in your home that could use a splash of unique decor. Made of Wood, Hung from Stainless Steel wires.

Stainlesssteel wires and nylon line keep planes in constantgraceful motion. Fun interior dŽcor, kid's room and den, will survive the ages, out of reach

Brightly colored vintage barnstormers make this a fun interior airplane decor piece.

Early biplanes used during WWI were more for reconnaissance than for real war fare. However, the pilots flying them developed their own game rules. Their daring exploits made some of the flying aces into true legends. The Red Baron and Eddie Rickenbacher are shining examples, still fascinating today.

Size: 66 x 58.5 x 30.5cm; 26 x 23 x 12 in


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