Ali+Oli Modern Silicone Pacifier Clip for Baby in Pink Shades

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Modern Pacifier Clip - the perfect gift for baby.

It's made from food grade silicone and it's BPA, Phalate, Lead, Cadmium and PVC Free. The Teething Beads Pacifier Clip is eight inches long, a safe length for your little one.

Product Specifications
-Its short length safe for baby
-It reduces pacifier contact with floor 
-It eliminates germs 
-It's BPA, Phalate, Lead, Cadmium and PVC Free
-It's made of 100% Food Grade Silicone

Directions for use: 
You just need to thread the loop through the hole of the pacifier and then simply attach it to the baby's clothing to ensure the pacifier remains clean and hygienic. The Teething Beads Pacifier Clip is universal and can also be attached to anything from car seats, to strollers, high chairs, and much more.

This is not a toy. Please do not leave children unattended when using the Teething Beads Pacifier Clip and please inspect the clip before using it to make sure none of the pieces have come loose. The buyer assumes full responsibility of using this pacifier clip.

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