International Shipping

At the present time, Liapela does not offer international shipping for customers outside of the United States. If you are in another country and you wish to purchase our products, we are able to send the products to a freight carrier of your choice, and under your direction -- they can handle the shipping to countries outside the United States.

However, once the products have been delivered to the carrier, we cannot be responsible for the products or the date of arrival to your desired country.  Please note that all product warranties are valid in the United States ONLY – and that warranty claims are handled through the vendor (not Liapela) therefore if you need to make a warranty claim, your replacement product or parts can only be shipped to a U.S. address.

Other options for shipping internationally include sending the products to trusted friends or relatives and have them send the products to your destination after they’ve received it. Please check the section Free Store Pick up in order to gather more information about this option. You may also email our staff at with additional questions or comments.

*Please note: We have many products that are NOT allowed to be shipped outside of the U.S due to specific safety regulations. If you're thinking of purchasing a product and have it delivered to your chosen carrier or person, please contact our Customer Service department and they will reply to any doubt regarding the product you’re interested in.  Generally speaking, most strollers and gear are built to strict U.S. standards that may or may not comply with your countries regulations.  If you choose to purchase and export any of the products we carry, you assume full responsibility in being compliant with any and all U.S. Border and Protection laws that apply.