Amber teething necklace for baby and silicone necklace for mom set

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Let your baby be at peace with no discomfort with this teething necklace. The pain and discomfort, for both you and the baby will be a thing of the past with the new Baltic amber necklaces from Ali and Oli. Created as a natural remedy for teething pain, these necklaces have become mommy’s best friends in keeping their baby happy and comfortable.

Mother nature keeps giving us the best solutions for our everyday problems with all their wonderful elements and in these amber teething necklaces, a miracle working ingredient. Thanks to its composition, once the necklace is placed around the baby's neck and warmed up to his or her body temperature, a small release of natural substances will soothe the teething symptons.

Keep your litte one happy at all times thanks to the Baltic Amber Necklaces from Ali and Oli. During the day and while they're awake, keep the necklace as close as possible to the source of the pain. Once the baby is slept or anight, place the necklace around the leg to keep the effect around his body at all times. Enjoy this beautiful stage with them and forget about the teething nightmares.