B-Sensible Waterproof Crib Sheets White

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A seamless, completely waterproof and breathable crib fitted sheet that fully protects your crib mattress thanks to its second skin membrane™.

The extremely smooth natural surface, TENCEL®, fabric fits snuggly to your mattress and enhances your baby's comfort. This product contains cosmetic grade ZnO, which has been incorporated into the Smartcel™ sensitive fiber through a patented process that remains after repeated washing. The cosmetic benefit of the essential mineral Zinc is that it regenerates and protects skin while reducing odor with its antibacterial properties.

Manufactured in Europe, our baby crib sheets are composed with a new generation of innovative textile technology called: DERMOFRESH®, specially conceived for bedding products.

It can be a struggle to find waterproof bed sheets for children that are comfortable, breathable, and hypoallergenic. You want your children to get the best sleep possible so they can keep healthy and start the day off with a positive outlook.

BSensible provides families with seamless, waterproof baby crib sheets you can depend on again and again no matter how many times you run them through the wash. With smooth, natural surfaces and antibacterial properties, you can be sure your child will sleep more soundly on BSensible sheets than with any other bedding.

Baby Crib Sheets With Care In Every Stitch

The development of BSensible waterproof bed sheets for children begins in Barcelona, Spain where our employees knit the yarn and dye the fabric. We later apply waterproof and breathable polyurethane membranes to the fabric in our lamination area before sewing them into our wonderful products.


Unlike other bedsheets, the fibers of BSensible's baby crib sheets stay soft and smooth after repeated washings. What's more, the essential mineral Zinc in the fabric helps to protect and regenerate the skin while your child sleeps.