Disposable Breast Night Pads 20ct

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Feel Comfortable through the night with the Disposable Breast Night Pads 20ct 

The Philips AVENT breast pads have multi layers for super absorbancy and a one-way topsheet that traps moisture inside the pad

Product Specifications
-20 ct night pads
-Unique Philips AVENT breast pads specially designed to help you stay dry and comfortable while sleeping.Overnight protection
-The Philips AVENT breast pads have wider shape and thicker core for added absorbency.
-Double adhesive strips to secure the pad in place.
-All-round leakage barrier All-round leakage barrier
-Designed for extra protection when lying down.
-Ultra Dry
-Silky soft feel Silky soft topsheet and breathable, natural materials
-Dermatologically tested
-Individually wrapped for extra hygiene