Doona Car Seat LATCH Base

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Safety, Simplicity and Mobility TheDoona» LATCH Base allows you to have them all.

Height adjustment mechanism and easy-to-read Level Indicators ensure proper seat angle adjustment and positioning.

LATCH connector system facilitates quick and simple installation and easy release.

Integral Belt locking clips enable snug and effortless vehicle seat belt installation.

Doona Installation Indicator confirms that Doona is safely locked in position.

Compliant with US regulations FMVSS 213.

The Doona Base conforms to all applicable Federal Motor VehicleSafety Standards. This Restraint is certified for Use in Motor Vehicles.

The Doona Base has been designed, tested and certified according toUS safety standards and regulations.

The Doona Base can be installed in the vehicle either with the LATCHsystem or with the vehicles belt.


Suitability:The Doona» LATCH Base is compatible with the Doona» Infant Car Seat and is intended for Rear-Facing use only.


Infant Weight:4-35 lbs (1.8-15.8 kg)

Infant Height:up to 32 in (81.3 cm)

Product Dimensions:9.6 / 15.7 / 20.9 in

Product Weight:10 lbs

Doona Car Seat LATCH Base
Doona Car Seat LATCH Base
Doona Car Seat LATCH Base
Doona Car Seat LATCH Base