Lil' Cutesies Doll Lulu

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This lil' cutesies doll is sure to be a great addition to your child's doll collection!

She has an all-vinyl design that makes her a breeze to keep clean. Even if a mishap occurs, you just need to wipe her down to make her as good as new again! She's decked out in adorable lil' cutesies doll clothes and includes matching accessories. Your little one will love changing her clothes and playing with her.

This adorable lil' cutesies doll also has movable legs and arms, and her head is movable as well. Your child will never get tired of playing with her and will be able to position her in countless ways.

This cute Lil' Cutesies doll is adorable, dressed in the cutest outfits and ready to play! Lil' Cutesies are a joy to play with and fun to collect!. Perfect for everyone ages 2+.