Mini Speedy Le Mans Gun Metal

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Whether youre a speedracer-in-training or a seasoned commuter, the Midi Clyde Race Car will bring the mystery and magic of the automobile right to your fingertips and navigate its way right into your heart. Its sleek lines and substantial size arent just easy on the eyes. They make this durable, vintage-inspired vehicle eminently more grippable for hands of all sizes. Designed to withstand years of playtime, this Playforever toy is guaranteed to whisk your day on a wonderful adventure. Best of all, the gas tank never gets empty, so the skys the limit.

  • Full of style the Midi cars from Playforever are a great addition to the range.
  • Solidly built from heavy duty plastic, they have moving rubber wheels and come in different colors.
  • Play or display - dads will want to have a go as well!
  • Age Range: 3 years+