Pria 70 Air Convertible Car Seat

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The Pria 70 is designed to provide the right fit. It fits little occupants in the TinyFit system, starting at only 4 pounds and keeping them cozy up to 22 pounds. Remove the TinyFit system and it fits larger toddlers rear facing from 18-40 pounds. When they're ready, turn it around to comfortably fit children up to 70 pounds forward facing. It fits your family for the first ride home from the hospital. It fits for those first rides to elementary school.

The Pria 70 fits your protective nature. It fits with Air Protect advanced side impact protection. It fits with the safety of FlexTech for multi directional crash energy management. It fits from next generation crash testing techniques. It fits for peace of mind.

The Pria 70 even fits for mom and dad. If fits with less space needed for the rear facing seat, providing more leg room for front seat parents. It fits easily with OneClick LATCH connectors, deep recline angle adjustment and color coded installation systems. It fits a closer bond, for those who wish to keep babies in their arms. It fits with plush comfort for an enjoyable ride.

Product Features

  • Expansive Weight Range: 4-40 pounds rear facing; 22-70 pounds forward facing
  • FlexTech system for multi directional energy management
  • TinyFit system provides a superior fit for small occupants and allows more space for front seat passengers
  • Air Protect side impact technology, immediately reduces impact forces to the head through the precise release of air
  • Space saving design allows a more upright rear facing installation providing additional space for adult occupants
  • Perfect Fit Harness adjusts harness shoulder height from the front in one step with one hand
  • Deep recline adjustment system for easier installation and occupant positioning
  • Removable huggy insert and comfort pillows for an enjoyable ride
  • 11 harness heights and 3 buckle locations for the ultimate in adjustability
  • One Click LATCH system makes installation easier with the push of a button
  • Easy belt routing with large openings and guide systems
  • Color coded labels and instructions help make it easier to be safe
  • At the widest point, the Pria 70 is 19.5" wide. The base of the Pria 70 is only 11" wide, making it easier to install on many vehicles
  • The main body of the Pria70 is 25.5" tall. As a child grows, the headrest extends above the main body, growing to 30" tall.
  • This product is available in other styles Pattern Intense Red Pattern Total Black

Shipping Info: 25.2 pounds 21.2 x 29.5 x 22.8 inches

Pria 70 Air Convertible Car Seat
Pria 70 Air Convertible Car Seat
Pria 70 Air Convertible Car Seat