Puj tub

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Finally! A soft tub you can use in a standard bathroom sink. Stores flat, cradles baby, dries fast. Bath time in no time!

Tired of messy bath times where you end up just as wet as the baby, fighting with giant plastic tubs? So were we!
Introducing the Puj Tub: a revolutionary way to bathe your infant. The Puj Tub is perfect for the new mom to have on hand when she brings her baby home from the hospital.
Bathing an infant has never been this easy!

  • No more leaning over the bathtub stressing your knees, neck, and back.

  • No more lining the bathroom sink with sponges and wet towels

  • No more wondering where you are going to store that awkward plastic bathtub you used to use.

  • Patent Pending design allows for easy set up, bathing, clean-up, and storage.

The Puj Tub simplifies your job as a parent allowing you more time with your precious bundle of joy!


  • Hangs and stores flat

  • Safe & easy to use for infants 0-6 months

  • Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial

  • Supports & cradles baby at comfortable height for mom

  • Revolutionary patent pending design

  • Warm soft foam comforts baby

  • Hypoallergenic

  • Non-toxic

  • Fits both pedestal and countertop sinks

  • Works great even in very small bathrooms

  • Made in USA

User Guide

  • Bend bottom walls of tub inward.

  • Align folds of tub.

  • Allow magnets to snap and form tub.

  • Lay formed tub into sink under faucet. Fill tub with water. Test water temperature. Place baby into tub.

  • When finished remove baby first then lift tub forward to let water drain through the hole in the bottom of the tub.

  • Hang tub flat to dry.

Warning: Do not place baby into the tub before setting tub into sink, the tub will not support the weight of the baby without the help of sink walls.

Puj tub
Puj tub
Puj tub
Puj tub
Puj tub