RAVA Convertible Car Seat Fire Retardant Free

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With innovation on their side, Nuna created one of the most complete and incredible car seats for babies out there: The RAVA convertible car seat now with No added fire retardant chemicals

The RAVA convertible car seat can perfectly transition from newborn (with an insert) to a convertible car seat for an older baby. Perfect for any car, this seat can go rear facing for as long as necessary. Babe's older? Just change the direction of the RAVA convertible car seat.

Nuna's team created a system on the RAVA convertible car seat that allows you to know when the seat is properly installed, in both front and rear facing positions. Follow the blue indicator for reclining and setting up rear facing and red indicators for the front. Installing a car seat has never been easier for parents or any other person taking care of the little one.

Security is vital when it comes to a baby's transportation, and Nuna has implemented as many safety features as possible when it comes to the RAVA. Besides the color system to ensure the proper installment on the car seat, the RAVA convertible car seat has two side pods that can absorb the impact in case of an accident.

Product Specifications:

  • Recommended Usage:
  • Rear-facing: 5 - 50lbs | 49 in or less suggested usage up to at least 2 years of age 
  • Forward facing: 25 - 65lbs | 49in or less  suggested usage 2 years of age or older
  • Dimensions: 25 in H x 19 in W x 16 in L
  • Weight: 27.2 lbs

Technical Feature

  • Recline angle guides clearly confirm the perfect riding angle
  • Laid back legroom gives up to 2 inches more leg room rear facing and extra support for forward facing riders
  • Ventilation panels within the shell and breathable (and washable!) knit fabric create a comfy climate for even the longest of trips
  • All steel frame and reinforced belt path for superior protection
  • Aircraft certified to travel everywhere and beyond
  • Ten position recline

Safety Feature

  • No added fire retardant chemicals
  • Muscle free True tension™ doors ensure an ultra-secure fit without the struggle
  • No re-thread 5 point harness
  • Energy absorbing foam and side impact protection (SIP) pods take side impact security to the next level.
RAVA Convertible Car Seat Fire Retardant Free
RAVA Convertible Car Seat Fire Retardant Free
RAVA Convertible Car Seat Fire Retardant Free
RAVA Convertible Car Seat Fire Retardant Free
RAVA Convertible Car Seat Fire Retardant Free