Sea Wall Graphics

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Quickly and easily create custom walls capes with these oversized self-adhesive and removable wall graphics - just peel and stick! These patterns are fully removable and may be repositioned as needed with no damage to your wall.

Wee Gallery animals are designed to interest baby differently at different ages. At birth she is fascinated by the details of the design, and as she grows older she point the animals out by the name.

Wee Facts

  • High-contrast visual patterns help promote infant brain development. Dr James Brewer, Pediatrician, California.

  • Newborns can see up to 12 -15 inches away and are most taken by their parents' faces and high-contrast repeating patterns.

  • At 3-4 months infants are more likely to attend to specific features with patterns. A more global view pattern tend to emerge between 6-7 months.


1, 11" turtle
1, 7" turtle
2, 6" sea horses
2, 4-6" stingrays
10 various sized green and orange seaweed
30 various sized bubbles