Bust Firming Serum

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Helps promote firmness and prevent loss of skin elasticity which may occur after birth: Strengthens skin elasticity and suppleness with Elastoregulator (a soy peptide derivative) which, combined with a wheat protein and Lupeol contributes to increase resistance to changes in breast volume.

Ensures increased moisturizing with its silicium-enriched formulation, which helps regenerate and tone the epidermis. Soothes breast tenderness and stretching sensations of the skin, through the combined action of Avocado Peptides, Escin and Calendula.

A light, fine and smooth emulsion which facilitates application to swollen breasts. Hypoallergenic - specially formulated to minimize the risks of allergic reactions. May be used during breastfeeding (follow proper hygiene rules before breastfeeding).

Tested under gynecological control. 4.2 FL. OZ.